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Bone Cutter

by Bone Cutter

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Our love Is overwhelming We press our scars together Our maps align Your gaze has somethin in it I can feel it The lonely pangs in my chest have left There is no end, no end you said Well, We go well together, we go well We map our way out of the night on a napkin I am paranoid You’re paranoid We’re gonna lose you We’re gonna lose you to death The night falls on the diner There’s a comfort in the way that it calms things But we’d be feeling lighter If we didn’t have to carry these bodies Yeah you’ve been singing that song for weeks I know, I know, I know, I know You’ve sewn your footprints into my coat Just letting you know I’m in I’m ready I’m ready to go. I’m ready to go. Strip my skin Shed me bare Muscles and sinew Open air They’ll judge every vein We will be numb and invisible
Over think Out of sync I’m afraid of everything I’m puking in A crowded hall splatter smell of alcohol There are two types of people you say Sound leaves your lips move lost in February lost in March oh, I miss days of exchanging smirks in church, money laundering in moscow. but hey, Panama I think of South America I think about you Didn’t it make sense that we didn’t make sense? The light fades from your eyes They must think we’re just another exhibit A show They don’t know the half of it Bells ring from somewhere far away Resonating through me memories They gather round We grow cold together Never to grow old together In this moment we are forever
I was an extra on the wild bunch I wailed for days in the hot sun Oh the blood, tomato sauce Learning how to die Feeling sick the entire time In dust it showed our true emotion Carcass burnt, true devotion to millions millions millions millions millions Ants, buzzards, dads chewin Their ribs their ribs stair speakers to the sky Conception of the soul Well, I don’t know.. I don’t know I try to hold it Dissipates like smoke Lonely, lonely smoke A glimmering hammer in the dark A chameleon examines all things The colors it adapts from you are ugly Freedom in molasses, baby! It runs, it runs Our hearts decay in rafters, baby.. ..A single tear falls from the swollen eye of the man in the moon and basques the world in the sweetest blue
A hazy afternoon in the bay A broken human being stares toward the water A strange glow in the form of an anatomical heart takes shape further out Feet shins knees waist elbows nips chin eyes Submerged and filthy There was never any heart There was never any heart But there was somethin in the air There’s somethin in the air There’s somethin in the air That makes me feel like dancing My hips they shake My bones they break My teeth they chip My hands wave wild There’s somethin in the air That makes me feel like My blood it boils My skin it rolls My heart it leaks There’s somethin in the air that makes me wanna crawl out of myself and hide in the deepest folds of you and you and you and


released April 23, 2021

Bone Cutter
Robert Smith - Vocals
Andrew Fritter - Bass & Guitar
Chris Fritter - Drums
Sam Pura - Guitar, Synthesizers

Additional Musicians
Brennan Facchino - Guitar

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Sam Pura at The Panda Studios in Fremont California.

Artwork & layout by Andrew Fritter. Font by Robert Smith.


all rights reserved



Bone Cutter

A shining knife of punk rock fury reflecting the flickering stars of grind, pop and metal.

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